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SIP Advantages

Streamlining the construction process

SIP Single shapeThe SIP construction method allows you to work with your architect to make the best use of available space, tailoring your building to the way you live and keeping costs under control. SIPs construction allows you to maximise the use of space, free from many of the constraints imposed by other construction techniques. SIPs can be combined with many materials such as brick, steel, glass, wood, allowing your design to be led by aesthetic and function, rather than restricted by the construction method.

Our experienced staff are available to assist you will all aspects of your project. We only need to be involved as much as you need us to be. You can use us just as a source of information and advice, but more typically you will use our full CAD service to prepare detailed drawings and calculations.

Construction based on pre-manufactured panels speeds construction immensely. Our experienced project managers and construction teams will work with you and typically the main structure of a building can be erected in just a few days. Panels are cut to exact dimensions in our factory before delivery to site, reducing on-site labour and minimising waste.

With SIPs construction your building will take shape quickly and our experienced staff will work closely with your architect, engineer and on-site staff to make the project run as smoothly as possible. Take a look at our Case Studies.

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