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Planning Your Project

SIP Single shapeTo date SIPs Industries have completed over 200 individual projects featuring a significant number of self-build homes using SIPs walls and SIPs roof systems.

We have case studies varying from 800 sq ft houses to 6500 sq.ft. Please view our gallery for a selection of completed projects. We also have individual case studies available in downloadable PDF format.

SIPs Industries can help at every stage of the process to create your perfect home. Our SIPs technology and bespoke services are ideal for the self-builder looking to turn a concept into their dream home. As well as new-build we also specialise in designing and installing extensions. We can easily integrate with other construction methods including brick and block, stone and timber frame systems.

Typical steps to building a house

  • Once you have decided to build you should engage an Architect. Your Architect will work with you to create your dream house on paper, taking into account the nature of the site and surroundings, your budget, and the way you need your building to work. If you have specific requests, such as using SIPS panels, discuss them with your architect as soon as possible.
  • You submit your plans to your local planning office for approval.*
  • Your Architect submits drawings to SIPs Industries for costing using SIPS.
  • You and SIPs Industries agree to go ahead with the project based on the specification and quotation.
  • SIPs Industries will then work with your engineer to produce detailed engineering drawings and to ensure that the building meets the required specifications and regulations.
  • You submit your plans and engineering details to your local council’s Building Control for a build warrant.*
  • Manufacture of the SIPS panels is scheduled in our factory, and a build date is scheduled with our construction teams.
  • Your builder prepares the site and foundations to the architect’s drawings.
  • At the scheduled time your panels are manufactured and cut to size in our factory. The panels are checked and a construction kit prepared for delivery to site.
  • On the scheduled build date the kit of panels and related material is delivered to site, accompanied by a building crew from SIPs Industries.
  • The SIPs Industries building team assembles the SIPS kit on site.
  • The building is wrapped in building paper (or as specified by the engineer or architect) to protect it until the external finish is applied.
  • Your builder completes external brick or block-work, fits windows and doors, roof tiles etc. according to your architect’s design, to make the building weatherproof. Internal wiring, plumbing and finishing are carried out.
  • When all trades are finished the building is inspected by your local council and a completion or habitation certificate issued.*
  • Now you can move in and enjoy your beautiful, warm house.

* These steps may vary depending on your local council and the complexity, location and type of building.

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