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SIPs – The future of building

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) offer a modern, cost-effective, environmental and energy efficient solution to building construction. A SIPs building is constructed by assembling pre-manufactured panels which are highly insulated, eliminating the need for additional layers of insulation on site. The panels are very strong, so can be used for floors and roofs as well as external and internal walls, without the requirement for a traditional timber frame.

SIPs Industries specialise in all aspects of SIPs building, from design through manufacture of the panels to on-site construction. Visit our project gallery to see some of the projects that we have successfully delivered and for more detail, visit our case study page.

Whether you are planning a new home or workplace, or adding an extension, you need your new building to be both comfortable and energy efficient. The high level of insulation in SIPs leads to low heating costs and a high degree of comfort.

With SIPs construction your building will take shape quickly and our experienced staff will work closely with your architect, engineer and on-site staff to make the project run as smoothly as possible.



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